Do you wish you could have a massage in the comfort of your own home? Then a mobile appointment may be just what you need.


After the initial consultation I will set up my equipment. A private area is best away from any hassle and bustle in a downstairs room, large enough to accommodate a massage table and enough room for me to move around freely. The room must be warm enough for you to be comfortable (usually a lounge is an appropriate size room.) 


Once I have set up the massage table,supplies and relaxing music (I can supply my own music or you may have either your own tunes or just want to keep the room quiet and peaceful) I will leave the room to wash my hands while you undress to a underwear level and lie on the massage table face down between the fresh towels. All areas of you will be covered apart from the area being worked on. (Private areas are never exposed) 


The treatment will then proceed as normal,just like in a salon or spa, except when the treatment is finished, you'll already be home.


Please let me know of any parking restrictions in your area or if there is not any parking available at the property as I will be bringing my own equipment.


Payment can be either before or after treatment. Unfortunately I can only accept cash. Sorry for any inconvenience. Mobile appointments £10 extra subject to availability.




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