Health Benefits of Massage


Massage, over the years may have developed a reputation as an expensive treat for people who love to be pampered but more and more new studies are showing it has a wide variety of incredible health benefits. It releases endorphins, which are the body's natural "feel good" chemicals, giving you a natural high and creating an overall feeling of wellbeing.


Other benefits of massage include:


Relieving Headaches

Millions of people suffer from headaches and migraines. Massage helps ease the pressure and pain, which can also reduce the severity and frequency of headaches. Next time a headache hits, try booking a last-minute massage. A single session can have immediate effects.


Relieve Stress, Anxiety and depression

Relieving stress is so important when achieving a healthier lifestyle. Human touch, in a role which is safe, friendly and professional, can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing,


Encourage Relaxation

Massage has been shown to help the body enter a relaxing rest-and-recovery mode: an effect that lingers long after the massage is over.


Relaxes Muscles

A busy lifestyle, sitting at a desk and long hours of driving can all add up and put tension in our muscles. Massage can work deep into the muscles by relaxing and relieving all built up tension. massage therapy is as effective as other methods of treatment for chronic back pain.


Improve Circulation

The pressure created by massage therapy moves blood through congested areas. This causes new blood to flow in, resulting in improved body function.


Improve Rehabilitation After Injury

Rehabilitation can be frustrating. A continual massage program can accelerate the recovery process, as well as help you relax and stay motivated.


Improve Posture

Massage can help reinforce natural movements, which can get your posture back on track.


Improve sleep

Not only can massage encourage a restful sleep—it also helps those who can’t otherwise comfortably rest.


Boost immunity

Regular massage can actually increase white blood cells, strengthening your immune system


These are just a few health benefits from regular massage, others also include


*Improves waste removal processes in the body


*Encourages lymph drainage which can help to reduce swelling


*Helps to encourage deeper breathing


*Improves skin tone and colour


*Can either help to stimulate or sedate the nervous system


*Can help to limit scars forming after injuries and can also help to break down existing scar tissue


*Can improve muscle tone and balance, thus giving better support to the skeletal system


*The relaxing properties of massage can help to decrease the heart rate


*By relaxing the respiratory muscles, massage can improve lung capacity


*Improving and stimulating digestion


Total Contraindications


There are times when massage therapy can't be given though so if you have any of these conditions, please do not book a massage:




*Contagious diseases, including any cold or flu, no matter how mild it may seem


*Under the influence of drugs or alcohol-including prescription pain medication


*Recent operations or acute injuries




*Skin diseases



If you have any other medical conditions or queries these can be discussed in an initial consultation on your first appointment.




Massage After Care Advice


Over the next 24 hours after your massage:




*Drink plenty of water. This will help the body to eliminate any toxins which have been released during your treatment.


* Avoid drinking alcohol, or drinks containing caffeine. These contain toxins and can dehydrate the body further.


* Avoid eating for 1 hour after the treatment. When you do eat, try to have a light meal and include fresh vegetables, salads and fruit.


* Avoid strenuous activity for the rest of the day and allow yourself time to continue to relax.


* Urination may increase due to the body eliminating accumulated toxins and from the extra water intake to avoid dehydration.



Ongoing Care


* Try and keep up with regular gentle exercise. 


* Take time out and have regular intervals of relaxation.


* Eat a healthy, balanced diet.



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